Female Spies True Stories of  Boldness, Bravado and Betrayal

Female Spies

Girl Power Magic Publications is very excited to announce the release of Female Spies – True Stories of Boldness, Bravado and Betrayal. Vividly presented are the true life stories of 12 women who risked their lives facing unimaginable danger.  This is volume two in The Bad Girls Series, real tales of women who broke the rules.

As with Female Assassins, this set of biographical stories looks at the incredible daring of a group women who risked their lives in situations that could, and did, earn them torture, imprisonment, and death by execution. Yet they were driven by motives that overcame their fears.

You will meet such women as one courageous beauty who during World War II tricked a Gestapo agent by taking off her clothes, or another brilliant former slave whose educated, photographic mind slipped in right under Confederate States President Jefferson Davis’ very nose.

Because of these women, many lives were saved, and sometimes many were lost. Most you will admire, and some you will  judge harshly…we leave that to  you.  Whatever their cause, they were motivated by incredible bravery. or circumstances that were dire in the extreme.

Few of us today can imagine facing down something like the terrors of Nazi torture, but some of these women did. One thing we feel sure of, after reading about these Female Spies, you will never again think of women as the weaker sex.

If true life stories about courageous women inspire and fascinate you, then Female Spies is a perfect read for you. Click here to download your copy from Amazon now. 

Be sure to come back here for announcements of future volumes in the Bad Girls Series.  If you don’t have a Kindle you may download it to the free Amazon Cloud Reader and read it on your laptop or PC.