Female Cross-Dressers Now On Kindle


Female Cross-Dressers

Bad Girls Series – Book 3

Girl Power Magic Publications is very proud to announce the release of the third book in our Bad Girls series by Jo Tempest. Female Cross-Dressers – True Stories of Deception, Daring, And Drama is now available for download at Amazon for your Kindle, ebook reader, and Cloud Reader.

For what reason would a woman ever  need to dress as a man?

In most countries now, women can do or be anything they want, whether it be a doctor, a reporter, a soldier, a president, or even travel on a rocket in space. But it was not that long ago that many occupations were totally out of the question to a woman. How frustrating to have the talent or intellect to do a certain job, but because you are wearing a dress, you are told that you cannot fulfill your personal quest.

In this third book for the Bad Girls Series, real tales of women who broke the rules, you will read about the unbelievable true stories of 13 women who found a way to follow their dreams. They each were forced to dress as a man, some for the whole of their lives, some just for the period that they wanted to pursue their dream occupation, in order to have the freedom to live as they wanted. Several of these women were not even discovered to be women until they died, much to the shock of their friends, employers and even family.

The stress of leading a double life and secret life certainly took its toll on most of these women, yet there were those who reveled in their roles as a men. For some, once they took on their male role, it became impossible to stop. They could have faced prosecution, let alone be stopped doing what they felt so passionate about.

For example, meet a jazz musician whose own adopted, adult children had no clue their “father” was actually a woman, until after she passed away. Can you imagine? Despite the price, these women gained great freedom in cross-dressing, and it allowed them to go to places that were forbidden to a woman.

For whatever reasons these thirteen brave women chose to dress as men, they all have fascinating stories you will enjoy. Their daring to deceive all those around them will leave you with memories of extraordinary women. And if you are a woman reading this book, then you will understand the blessing of having been born in a time when you really can follow your own dreams, regardless of your sex. Girl Power Magic is proud to introduce you to these ladies who broke the rules.
Click here to go to Amazon now and download your copy. Female Cross-Dressers is available for $2.99 USD. Be sure to complete your series with Female Spies, and Female Assassins.