The Mistresses - Jo Tempest

The Mistresses – Jo Tempest

Announcing The Mistresses – Now Available At Amazon

From Author Jo Tempest -

It is interesting when we think of a mistress today. Generally we see her as a home wrecker, tearing a family apart. But going back in history, it was not always the case. The rules of a couple of hundred years ago were different. Divorce was hardly ever allowed, even if all parties wanted it.

In Girl Power Magic Publications new release, The Mistresses, you will read 12 very sad stories of men and women not being allowed to live with the love of their lives.

  • An American president who had to bend to family pressure to stay with his wife even though his mistress was there with him right up until the day he died.
  • A dictator who was shot for his crimes, along with his mistress who would not leave his side.
  • An English king who lived with his mistress for 20 years to the approval of his family while he was just a Prince, until royal duty called.
  • Stories of love where one rule applied to the man in the saga, but another rule to the woman.

You will come to know these 12 women intimately when you read their true stories of Lust, Love and Loss. Their biographies are from around the world and were lived through the centuries. You may even change your mind about the role of a mistress after reading this book. I have to say I did find myself having great sympathy with many of my ‘Bad Girls’ by the time I had finished researching and writing their lives.
You will read all these stories from the points of view of all three people involved in these triangles, not just the mistress. That  will give you a truer picture of what really was the truth in these complex relationships.

I am sure when you have finished reading this book, you will feel sympathy for many of these women; it is not always easy when you fall in love and want to follow your heart as you will see.

If you do not have a Kindle, all of the Girl Power Magic publications can also be read on Amazon Cloud Reader.

The Mistresses – Real stories of real women who broke the rules. Book 4 in The Bad Girls Series. Click here to order now.

Jo Tempest.