Female Explorers - True Stories of Indomitable, Intrepid and Inspirational Women

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Can you imagine leaving home to go to the next town without your telephone and probably your tablet? Or getting into your car and not turning on your sat-nav to give you directions to your unknown destination? Or not being able to fly or drive to a foreign country? Amazing what we take for granted today, isn’t it?

Well, now imagine leaving your home country in Europe to travel to the likes of Iraq, Iran or Africa in the 19th century.

Also imagine you are a female and traveling on your own with your only means of transport (after maybe a long boat journey) being a horse or a camel! You will have only the help of local guides and your journey to your destination may take you up to a year or more.

These are the types of brave women you will read about in this 5th book in the ‘Bad Girls’ series – Female Explorers -True Stories of Indomitable, Intrepid and Inspirational Women . Twelve true life stories of women who refused to conform to the only rolls their society allowed them – being a wife, raising a family, and staying at home! All these women shared an incredible thirst for personal knowledge of faraway countries and cultures.

Whether it was the Middle East, the Far East, or Africa, nothing was going to stand in their way to experience these cultures personally. They mainly had to fund their own explorations because early on, the best support for exploration in their day was the National Geographic Society.

This then exclusively boys’ club in those days refused to acknowledge these women’s discoveries, let alone fund their explorations. Only after the world celebrated these women’s achievements did the Society finally relent, and allow a few women memberships.

Some of these ‘Bad Girls’ were the first Europeans to visit where they explored, let alone being the first woman to do so. They brought back the first records of these areas and educated the public with extensive journals, heavily attended lecture tours, book publications, artifacts, photos, and even made movies, many of which were so early they were silent.The can still be seen today.

Whether it was first making extremely long sea journeys to get near their destinations, riding a bicycle around the world for a wager, or flying their own plane in Africa, you will definitely admire and respect these incredible women.

Jo Tempest