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Female Explorers – Now Published On Amazon


Female Explorers - True Stories of Indomitable, Intrepid and Inspirational Women

Female Explorers – Amazon

Can you imagine leaving home to go to the next town without your telephone and probably your tablet? Or getting into your car and not turning on your sat-nav to give you directions to your unknown destination? Or not being able to fly or drive to a foreign country? Amazing what we take for granted today, isn’t it?

Well, now imagine leaving your home country in Europe to travel to the likes of Iraq, Iran or Africa in the 19th century.

Also imagine you are a female and traveling on your own with your only means of transport (after maybe a long boat journey) being a horse or a camel! You will have only the help of local guides and your journey to your destination may take you up to a year or more.

These are the types of brave women you will read about in this 5th book in the ‘Bad Girls’ series – Female Explorers -True Stories of Indomitable, Intrepid and Inspirational Women . Twelve true life stories of women who refused to conform to the only rolls their society allowed them – being a wife, raising a family, and staying at home! All these women shared an incredible thirst for personal knowledge of faraway countries and cultures.

Whether it was the Middle East, the Far East, or Africa, nothing was going to stand in their way to experience these cultures personally. They mainly had to fund their own explorations because early on, the best support for exploration in their day was the National Geographic Society.

This then exclusively boys’ club in those days refused to acknowledge these women’s discoveries, let alone fund their explorations. Only after the world celebrated these women’s achievements did the Society finally relent, and allow a few women memberships.

Some of these ‘Bad Girls’ were the first Europeans to visit where they explored, let alone being the first woman to do so. They brought back the first records of these areas and educated the public with extensive journals, heavily attended lecture tours, book publications, artifacts, photos, and even made movies, many of which were so early they were silent.The can still be seen today.

Whether it was first making extremely long sea journeys to get near their destinations, riding a bicycle around the world for a wager, or flying their own plane in Africa, you will definitely admire and respect these incredible women.

Jo Tempest

The Mistresses - Jo Tempest

The Mistresses – Jo Tempest

Announcing The Mistresses – Now Available At Amazon

From Author Jo Tempest -

It is interesting when we think of a mistress today. Generally we see her as a home wrecker, tearing a family apart. But going back in history, it was not always the case. The rules of a couple of hundred years ago were different. Divorce was hardly ever allowed, even if all parties wanted it.

In Girl Power Magic Publications new release, The Mistresses, you will read 12 very sad stories of men and women not being allowed to live with the love of their lives.

  • An American president who had to bend to family pressure to stay with his wife even though his mistress was there with him right up until the day he died.
  • A dictator who was shot for his crimes, along with his mistress who would not leave his side.
  • An English king who lived with his mistress for 20 years to the approval of his family while he was just a Prince, until royal duty called.
  • Stories of love where one rule applied to the man in the saga, but another rule to the woman.

You will come to know these 12 women intimately when you read their true stories of Lust, Love and Loss. Their biographies are from around the world and were lived through the centuries. You may even change your mind about the role of a mistress after reading this book. I have to say I did find myself having great sympathy with many of my ‘Bad Girls’ by the time I had finished researching and writing their lives.
You will read all these stories from the points of view of all three people involved in these triangles, not just the mistress. That  will give you a truer picture of what really was the truth in these complex relationships.

I am sure when you have finished reading this book, you will feel sympathy for many of these women; it is not always easy when you fall in love and want to follow your heart as you will see.

If you do not have a Kindle, all of the Girl Power Magic publications can also be read on Amazon Cloud Reader.

The Mistresses – Real stories of real women who broke the rules. Book 4 in The Bad Girls Series. Click here to order now.

Jo Tempest.

Female Cross-Dressers Now On Kindle


Female Cross-Dressers

Bad Girls Series – Book 3

Girl Power Magic Publications is very proud to announce the release of the third book in our Bad Girls series by Jo Tempest. Female Cross-Dressers – True Stories of Deception, Daring, And Drama is now available for download at Amazon for your Kindle, ebook reader, and Cloud Reader.

For what reason would a woman ever  need to dress as a man?

In most countries now, women can do or be anything they want, whether it be a doctor, a reporter, a soldier, a president, or even travel on a rocket in space. But it was not that long ago that many occupations were totally out of the question to a woman. How frustrating to have the talent or intellect to do a certain job, but because you are wearing a dress, you are told that you cannot fulfill your personal quest.

In this third book for the Bad Girls Series, real tales of women who broke the rules, you will read about the unbelievable true stories of 13 women who found a way to follow their dreams. They each were forced to dress as a man, some for the whole of their lives, some just for the period that they wanted to pursue their dream occupation, in order to have the freedom to live as they wanted. Several of these women were not even discovered to be women until they died, much to the shock of their friends, employers and even family.

The stress of leading a double life and secret life certainly took its toll on most of these women, yet there were those who reveled in their roles as a men. For some, once they took on their male role, it became impossible to stop. They could have faced prosecution, let alone be stopped doing what they felt so passionate about.

For example, meet a jazz musician whose own adopted, adult children had no clue their “father” was actually a woman, until after she passed away. Can you imagine? Despite the price, these women gained great freedom in cross-dressing, and it allowed them to go to places that were forbidden to a woman.

For whatever reasons these thirteen brave women chose to dress as men, they all have fascinating stories you will enjoy. Their daring to deceive all those around them will leave you with memories of extraordinary women. And if you are a woman reading this book, then you will understand the blessing of having been born in a time when you really can follow your own dreams, regardless of your sex. Girl Power Magic is proud to introduce you to these ladies who broke the rules.
Click here to go to Amazon now and download your copy. Female Cross-Dressers is available for $2.99 USD. Be sure to complete your series with Female Spies, and Female Assassins.


Female Spies True Stories of  Boldness, Bravado and Betrayal

Female Spies

Girl Power Magic Publications is very excited to announce the release of Female Spies – True Stories of Boldness, Bravado and Betrayal. Vividly presented are the true life stories of 12 women who risked their lives facing unimaginable danger.  This is volume two in The Bad Girls Series, real tales of women who broke the rules.

As with Female Assassins, this set of biographical stories looks at the incredible daring of a group women who risked their lives in situations that could, and did, earn them torture, imprisonment, and death by execution. Yet they were driven by motives that overcame their fears.

You will meet such women as one courageous beauty who during World War II tricked a Gestapo agent by taking off her clothes, or another brilliant former slave whose educated, photographic mind slipped in right under Confederate States President Jefferson Davis’ very nose.

Because of these women, many lives were saved, and sometimes many were lost. Most you will admire, and some you will  judge harshly…we leave that to  you.  Whatever their cause, they were motivated by incredible bravery. or circumstances that were dire in the extreme.

Few of us today can imagine facing down something like the terrors of Nazi torture, but some of these women did. One thing we feel sure of, after reading about these Female Spies, you will never again think of women as the weaker sex.

If true life stories about courageous women inspire and fascinate you, then Female Spies is a perfect read for you. Click here to download your copy from Amazon now. 

Be sure to come back here for announcements of future volumes in the Bad Girls Series.  If you don’t have a Kindle you may download it to the free Amazon Cloud Reader and read it on your laptop or PC.

Two Girls Working Some Writing Magic

Jo And Carolyn of Girl Power Magic

Jo And Carolyn

Carolyn and I (Jo) are very alike because we have both left the countries we were born in, Carolyn the USA and me England.  I moved to Turkey and Carolyn came for a visit to do some work.

We met up, and in fact, Carolyn ending up living in my apartment for over a year. We both got on so well, not just with working together, but as good friends.

I love to write and Carolyn loves all the techy stuff, a perfect combination as it has turned out.  I came up with the idea of my ‘Bad Girls Series’ for Kindle and what a journey it has been!

Carolyn eventually left Turkey and is now settled in Romania but we Skype nearly every day to discuss our projects and catch up on each others news.

The ‘Bad Girls Series’ has been an amazing project for both of us to be involved in. I have always been fascinated by women who break the rules, whether by necessity or by choice. I was convinced that a lot of you out there would be interested in these amazing women.

The first book we published tells the stories of 13 Female Assassins from different periods in history. Some paid for their acts with their lives, some went to prison, but a few managed to escape any form of punishment at all. It includes some incredible photographs of these women, a few discovered in American military archives, which was a real coup.

The second book in the ‘Bad Girls’ series is Female Spies, true stores of incredibly brave women of daring, courage and grit. They often had extremely comfortable lives but gave them up to assist their country when they were needed. Again, some did not manage to survive to old age because their lives became so dangerous.

Their stories are hair raising, and its difficult to imagine the terror they faced down so they could do their work.You will also meet 2 women whose motives were not so noble, and your conscience will have to be your guide as to how you judge them.

Cross Dressers will soon be out after Female Spies. You will surely be mesmerized when you read about them too.   After that, well who knows who you will meet? One thing for sure, in one way or another, they will be “Bad Girls!”

Maybe I have the easier part. I write about these women’s lives and of course, I get really involved in what was happening to them. It is a joy to write their stories, although sometimes it can be quite harrowing. Anyway, I finish the manuscript, send it to Carolyn, and the hard work begins. Adding the photographs, formatting, and everything else it takes to get it ready to upload to Kindle. She makes it look easy most of the time, but I know it isn’t.

So, while you are all enjoying the ‘Bad Girl’ series, Carolyn and I will carry on creating wonderful reading for all of you. We love working together and have both been called ‘Bad Girls’ at some point in our lives, so it seems quite apt to bring our skills together here to let you all make up your minds as to what makes a Girl Bad!!! Register on our website using the form on the right to receive updates on new Girl Power Magic publications.

Female Assassins


Female Assassins - The Bad Girls Series

Female Assassins

Girl Power Magic Publications is very proud to announce the publication of Female Assassins, Volume One in The Bad Girls Series, real tales of women who broke the rules

This series focuses on the real life stores of women of dangerous vision who over the centuries left us with the indelible mark of their courage, and all too often, their treachery. With incredible bravery, no matter how misplaced, and a coldly calculating strength, they changed history forever. 

Female Assassins – True Stories of Rage, Revenge, and Retribution, introduces you to 13 very deadly women. None of these women acted on the spur of the moment. Each spent time planning their deed, and fully expected to die for their act of murder.

Each woman truly believed she was doing the right thing for what were for her, the right reasons. Whether they had hope of succeeding or not, they were fueled by a fire of righteous justification. 

Some of them survived their act to tell us why and how they did what they did. Others lost their lives, but various actors in their dark drama recorded the events for us. 

If true crime stories, or real stories about dangerous women, even about women killers fascinate you, Female Assassins is just the book for you. You will never be the same after meeting these “Bad Girls.”

And you can look forward to reading about more women who broke the rules in upcoming volumes in the Bad Girls Series. If you don’t have a Kindle you may download it to the free Amazon Cloud Reader and read it on your laptop or PC.

 Click here to go to Amazon and download your copy of Female Assassins now.


Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book Published

Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book

Our first book, the Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book is published and we are very excited. Writing and publishing this first book together was a labor of love and a great adventure to conquer the technology of getting our book online so you can download it to your reader, or PC. 

All About Spiders

You may think it’s a strange subject —spiders, but we promise you will find it a fascinating book. These little creatures have been around for millions of years, but what do you actually know about them? They have eight legs and spin a web? 

The book is full of great information on every aspect of a spider’s life and it takes you into their world. You will find chapters on how they build their webs, look after their eggs, hunt for food, find their mates, and even some who eat their mates! 

If you want to know where to meet  the most dangerous spider, the largest spider, the smallest spider, the rarest spider, or even the spider who dances, you will find them all in our book. 

Read about spider lore and spider legends along with the true stories of spider battles that local residents bet money on. Bet you didn’t know these contests go on in some countries in the world!

Where in the world do they eat fried spiders for lunch as a daily occurrence? Read our book and you will see for yourself. 

There are lots of fabulous photographs that go with every chapter and if you are lucky enough to have a Kindle that shows them in color, then you are in for a real treat, especially when it comes to the amazing dancing Peacock Spider. He is the most wonderful little spider you will ever hear about, we are sure. 

But don’t take our word for it, download and read our first book for yourself. The lives of the spiders in our book are magical and we are sure that when you have finished reading the Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book, you will never look on a spider on its web ever again in the same way. Click here to download from Amazon. Priced at 99¢ for everyone to afford. 

Happy reading or should we say, magical reading!

Jo and Carolyn

Girl Power Magic Publications For Kindle


eBook Heaven

eBook Heaven

Girl Power Magic was born out of the friendship of Jo and Carolyn. Meeting seemingly by accident in the idyllic little village of Selimiye, Turkey, they became instant sisters. Later they both decided it was a happy fate, perhaps blessed by angels they found each other. 

Jo is from England and settled in Selimiye and built a life for herself there. Carolyn is a native Texan and had moved to Romania to be with adopted family there. Carolyn started building websites and working on the internet, and through that work, eventually connected with Jo. 

They soon realized they both shared a great passion for books and with Jo’s talent of writing and doing research coupled up with Carolyn’s love for technology,  website design, and publishing content on the Internet, the idea to collaborate on publishing eBooks was a natural conclusion. 

Jo used to take walks along the Mediterranean shore in her village and she noticed all the vacationers lounging in the sun and reading their Kindles. Carolyn was visiting Jo there, and they got to talking and realized that with the talents they shared between them, they could do what they love best…writing and publishing. 

Here at Girl Power Magic, we are ready to put some magic into your lives! We have been really busy writing for all you Kindle owners out there, so sign up in the form on the right to receive updates when one of our books becomes available at Kindle. 


Carolyn and Jo