Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book

Our first book, the Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book is published and we are very excited. Writing and publishing this first book together was a labor of love and a great adventure to conquer the technology of getting our book online so you can download it to your reader, or PC. 

All About Spiders

You may think it’s a strange subject —spiders, but we promise you will find it a fascinating book. These little creatures have been around for millions of years, but what do you actually know about them? They have eight legs and spin a web? 

The book is full of great information on every aspect of a spider’s life and it takes you into their world. You will find chapters on how they build their webs, look after their eggs, hunt for food, find their mates, and even some who eat their mates! 

If you want to know where to meet  the most dangerous spider, the largest spider, the smallest spider, the rarest spider, or even the spider who dances, you will find them all in our book. 

Read about spider lore and spider legends along with the true stories of spider battles that local residents bet money on. Bet you didn’t know these contests go on in some countries in the world!

Where in the world do they eat fried spiders for lunch as a daily occurrence? Read our book and you will see for yourself. 

There are lots of fabulous photographs that go with every chapter and if you are lucky enough to have a Kindle that shows them in color, then you are in for a real treat, especially when it comes to the amazing dancing Peacock Spider. He is the most wonderful little spider you will ever hear about, we are sure. 

But don’t take our word for it, download and read our first book for yourself. The lives of the spiders in our book are magical and we are sure that when you have finished reading the Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book, you will never look on a spider on its web ever again in the same way. Click here to download from Amazon. Priced at 99¢ for everyone to afford. 

Happy reading or should we say, magical reading!

Jo and Carolyn

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