Female Assassins


Female Assassins - The Bad Girls Series

Female Assassins

Girl Power Magic Publications is very proud to announce the publication of Female Assassins, Volume One in The Bad Girls Series, real tales of women who broke the rules

This series focuses on the real life stores of women of dangerous vision who over the centuries left us with the indelible mark of their courage, and all too often, their treachery. With incredible bravery, no matter how misplaced, and a coldly calculating strength, they changed history forever. 

Female Assassins – True Stories of Rage, Revenge, and Retribution, introduces you to 13 very deadly women. None of these women acted on the spur of the moment. Each spent time planning their deed, and fully expected to die for their act of murder.

Each woman truly believed she was doing the right thing for what were for her, the right reasons. Whether they had hope of succeeding or not, they were fueled by a fire of righteous justification. 

Some of them survived their act to tell us why and how they did what they did. Others lost their lives, but various actors in their dark drama recorded the events for us. 

If true crime stories, or real stories about dangerous women, even about women killers fascinate you, Female Assassins is just the book for you. You will never be the same after meeting these “Bad Girls.”

And you can look forward to reading about more women who broke the rules in upcoming volumes in the Bad Girls Series. If you don’t have a Kindle you may download it to the free Amazon Cloud Reader and read it on your laptop or PC.

 Click here to go to Amazon and download your copy of Female Assassins now.


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