eBook Heaven

eBook Heaven

Girl Power Magic was born out of the friendship of Jo Tempest and Carolyn Blake. Meeting seemingly by accident in the idyllic little village of Selimiye, Turkey, they became instant sisters.

Later they both decided it was a happy fate, and that perhaps they had been blessed by angels to find each other. 

Jo is from England and has settled in the exquisite little village of Selimiye on the Turkish shore of the Mediterranean  and built a beautiful life for herself there. Jo is an accomplished writer and researcher who has her work published on websites all over the internet, on every conceivable subject.

Carolyn is a native Texan and had moved to Romania to be with adopted family there, and fell in love with the country, the people and the language and decided to stay. She now teaches English in some of the local schools. Soon after arriving, she started building websites and publishing on the internet, and through that work, eventually connected with Jo. 

Due to an unexpected business trip to Selimiye, where Jo hosted Carolyn during her visit, they soon realized they both shared a great passion for books.

That summer Jo noticed in her walks along the Mediterranean shore that all the vacationers lounging in the sun were reading  Kindles. She and Carolyn got to talking about that and realized that with the talents they shared between them, they could do what they love best…writing and publishing, and make their work available as eBooks. And they have been working together ever since!

Here at Girl Power Magic, Jo and Carolyn are ready to put some magic into your lives! They have been really busy writing for all you Kindle owners out there, so sign up in the form on the right to receive updates when a new Girl Power Magic publication becomes available at Kindle. 


Carolyn and Jo