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Jo And Carolyn

Carolyn and I (Jo) are very alike because we have both left the countries we were born in, Carolyn the USA and me England.  I moved to Turkey and Carolyn came for a visit to do some work.

We met up, and in fact, Carolyn ending up living in my apartment for over a year. We both got on so well, not just with working together, but as good friends.

I love to write and Carolyn loves all the techy stuff, a perfect combination as it has turned out.  I came up with the idea of my ‘Bad Girls Series’ for Kindle and what a journey it has been!

Carolyn eventually left Turkey and is now settled in Romania but we Skype nearly every day to discuss our projects and catch up on each others news.

The ‘Bad Girls Series’ has been an amazing project for both of us to be involved in. I have always been fascinated by women who break the rules, whether by necessity or by choice. I was convinced that a lot of you out there would be interested in these amazing women.

The first book we published tells the stories of 13 Female Assassins from different periods in history. Some paid for their acts with their lives, some went to prison, but a few managed to escape any form of punishment at all. It includes some incredible photographs of these women, a few discovered in American military archives, which was a real coup.

The second book in the ‘Bad Girls’ series is Female Spies, true stores of incredibly brave women of daring, courage and grit. They often had extremely comfortable lives but gave them up to assist their country when they were needed. Again, some did not manage to survive to old age because their lives became so dangerous.

Their stories are hair raising, and its difficult to imagine the terror they faced down so they could do their work.You will also meet 2 women whose motives were not so noble, and your conscience will have to be your guide as to how you judge them.

Cross Dressers will soon be out after Female Spies. You will surely be mesmerized when you read about them too.   After that, well who knows who you will meet? One thing for sure, in one way or another, they will be “Bad Girls!”

Maybe I have the easier part. I write about these women’s lives and of course, I get really involved in what was happening to them. It is a joy to write their stories, although sometimes it can be quite harrowing. Anyway, I finish the manuscript, send it to Carolyn, and the hard work begins. Adding the photographs, formatting, and everything else it takes to get it ready to upload to Kindle. She makes it look easy most of the time, but I know it isn’t.

So, while you are all enjoying the ‘Bad Girl’ series, Carolyn and I will carry on creating wonderful reading for all of you. We love working together and have both been called ‘Bad Girls’ at some point in our lives, so it seems quite apt to bring our skills together here to let you all make up your minds as to what makes a Girl Bad!!! Register on our website using the form on the right to receive updates on new Girl Power Magic publications.

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